New Programmes

The move into the online learning space has provided Total Training an opportunity to assess the programmes they deliver and extend even further their range of programmes.

This autumn (2010) we are launching Data Protection training for the Healthcare and Business Sector. This is an exciting opportunity to deliver mandatory training requirements in an e-learning environment in a cost efficient manner.

Key features of our online learning platform are the levels of interaction required to complete a training unit/module. Our online learning programmes are designed to engage learners at each stage and ensure learning happens throughout tutorials, assessments and assignments.

In addition we have an extensive reporting system that monitors learners activity and acts as a vital feedback and reporting system for management.

Later this autumn we are releasing further online material to address a range of mandatory training requirements.

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Business Sector

We have combined two of our greatest passions..Enterprise & develop a range of programmes to support business.

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Health Sector

We specialise in providing Information & Communications Technology Training (ICT Training) for the Health Care Sector in Ireland.

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General Public Sector

Advance your career and keep your skills up to date by completing an Online Course with us

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